Redstone RP Application

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Welcome to the Redstone RP Application!

Before submitting an application you should have already:
- Read the Redstone RP Handbook
- Joined the Redstone RP Discord
- Signed into this website via Steam so that your Steam ID can be attached to this form. Sign-in button is at the top of this page.
- Provide a confirmed e-mail address with the link just above this section so that you can be notified of your application status. Note: Your e-mail is not received by Redstone RP Staff, it is retained by and is not available to us. All correspondence from this application is automated upon acceptance or rejection of the application.

Important Note:

  • We highly recommend writing your backstory in a word processing program such as Word or Google Docs and then copying and pasting the story here. By spending too much time on this page you risk being timed out and losing all your work.


1. What type of application is this?
- First-time Application: Check this if you have never played Redstone RP before and this is your first application here.
- Re-Roll Application: Check this if you have an existing character on Redstone RP but want to re-roll another character.
- Age-Up Application: Check this if you want to advance your character's Age Group (Child to Teen, Teen to Adult)

2. Your Discord Name & #Tag: This can be found in your Discord profile. Example: SlickWilly#8723
3. Streaming Service Username(s): Please list your streaming service & username, if applicable. Example: "Twitch: SlickWilly"
4. Your Character's First & Last Name: This will be your character's name (your in-game name) throughout the life of your character. If this is a re-roll, ensure this is the NEW character's name and not your old character. Examples: Jack Thompson, Clara Redfield, Billy Jackson - Unrealistic names will not be accepted.
5. Your Character's Age Group: Adult, Teenager or Child. If this is an age-up application, indicate the age group that your character WILL be, not their current age group.
6. Profession: This is the profession your character will be throughout their time in the county, or until you change it via re-roll.
7. Character Description / Backstory (3,000 characters maximum): This is where you tell us your character's story BEFORE they arrive in Redstone County. Please include details on the following:
- How your character learned their profession
- What brings your character to Redstone County
- Your character's morality. This includes personality & tendencies to hint at your charater's intentions in Redstone County, good or bad.
- Any other information you feel is important to the history of your character

8. Previous RP Experience: Any RP servers or games you have played in the past. If N/A, that's fine. No past RP experience will not get your application rejected.

IF your application is rejected for whatever reason:

1. Do Not Panic!
2. You will receive an e-mail stating that your application was rejected, however we are unable to include the reason in this process.
3. Just open a ticket in the #open-ticket channel in the Redstone RP Discord and we will let you know what happened. More than likely it's a very small issue.
4. We can copy/paste your backstory into the ticket for you so that you don't have to re-write the whole thing.

Redstone RP Character Application